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‘Indigenous Resources: Decolonization and Development’

30 September-04 October 2015, Nuuk (Conference)

‘Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos 2016’

07-11 March 2016, Hong Kong (Conference)

Recent island studies articles.

‘Ports and Digital Ports: The Narrative Construction and Social Imaginaries of the Island City of Mumbai’, Swaminathan, Urban Island Studies, 2015 (PDF)

‘The Promise and Perils of the Island City of George Town (Penang) as a Creative City’, Khoo et al., Urban Island Studies, 2015 (PDF)

‘Returning from the Horizon: Introducing Urban Island Studies’, Grydehøj et al., Urban Island Studies, 2015 (PDF)

‘Politics of Technology in the Informal Governance of Destructive Fishing’, Grydehøj & Nurdin, GeoJournal, 2015

About Island Dynamics.

Island Dynamics promotes island studies, strengthening island communities through knowledge exchange and cross-sectoral collaboration. Besides our research activities, we organise island studies conferences and publications.

We are expanding island studies research by combining small island studies with urban studies through Island Dynamics’ Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos research network. Our urban island studies research is leading the field in new directions and opening island studies up to new influences.

Island Dynamics’ conferences range from small, topically focused events to large-scale island studies conferences. We work with a range of institutional partners, from universities to local and national government bodies. We have organised conferences in Scotland, Malta, Cyprus, Norway, Denmark, Macau, Greenland, and Hong Kong.

Our core values are Interdisciplinarity (bringing together experts from different research traditions), Cross-Sectorality (fostering knowledge exchange between universities, governments, businesses, and NGOs), and Local Involvement (learning from and contributing to the communities in which we work).

Founded in Shetland in 2009, Island Dynamics is now based in Copenhagen, Denmark. For questions about Island Dynamics or to join the mailing list, contact director Adam Grydehøj at