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Island Dynamics.

Island Dynamics is an island studies research organisation, producing and communicating island, coastal, and marine knowledge through conferences, publications, research, and partnerships.

We explore islands large and small, wild and urban, central and peripheral. Besides activities in remote island communities, Island Dynamics hosts the Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos urban island studies network and publishes Urban Island Studies, a peer-reviewed, open access journal.

Upcoming conferences.


10-18 September 2019, Svaneti & Tbilisi, Georgia

Special Territorial Status and Extraterritoriality

20-24 January 2019, Svalbard


13-17 January 2019, Svalbard

Economics and Development in Microstates, Islands, and the Arctic

November-December 2018, Nuuk

Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos 2018

September 2018, Zhoushan

Indigenous Communities, Indigenous Spaces

October 2018, Pongso no Tao